Global Impact Capital System

A complete automated trading system built based on a proprietary trading strategy that performs medium frequency and short-term trading on global financial markets.

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Trading System That Works

GICS as a trading system (TS) contains a diversified portfolio of the strategies installed on multiple markets/time-frames. TS is developed to always deliver annual profit with manageable risk and not dependent on market behavior.

GICS is optimized to work with funds from $3M USD with max performance reached after $10M USD.

GICS works 24/5 in a conservative mode with capital growth averaging 2-3% a month.


Components of Trading System Success

Trading Model

built a unique proprietary profitable trading model

Strategy Optimization

constantly optimized for each market

Portfolio Optimization

optimized to work on multiple markets as a complete trading system

Monitoring and Control

trading monitoring 24/5 and operation

Risk & Money Management

unique proprietary built method for risk and money management

High Performance

stable equity growth

Team Work

development, testing, run trading system

Well Balanced System

all parts of the trading system tuned up

Proprietary Research Publication

Quantitative Method of Risk Evaluation and Performance Monitoring for systematic trading strategies

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